Saturday, 16 April 2011



I'm not very much a fan of  Bjork.. but I have to give her the credits for producing amazing videos.. while her music may not be enjoyed by most people.. and it sounds ever so eccentric... but loving her video is a must. Her music videos are futuristic and she produces videos which people normally wouldn't.. The imagination goes beyond expectations.

Next, is our triple threat.. Janet Jackson.. she is equipped with amazing voice, agile body and good looks.. And her music videos make her stand out even more(ehem.. besides her family name-jackson that is). Her video together again is one of my favourite videos. This video is indeed very interesting and it gave her a fresh look.. plus it is unique compared to other videos in the late 90's.. where most videos in the late 90's tried too hard to make the videos look up to date and in line with the fashion back then.

Now, what is a list of favourite music videos without Madonna's video?.. The best would be Madonna's -like a virgin- video clip. She's bold and yes one of the reasons she is considered a sex symbol is because of this very music video.. She triggers the male's antenna that they wish they were born in the 80'but Britney turned things around..

Britney Spears sure turned things around.. from us hating our uniforms to completely loving it. A comparison made between Britney and other young female singers in her era..well it wasn't the fact that she sung well like Christina or the fact that she had a big voice(and not to mention big asset) like Jessica Simpson which made her the superstar.. i believe her videos made her climb up the ladder ever so easily...

No one can WORK IT as well as Missy Elliot.. The video speaks for itself.. the fact that people of all sizes were dancing in the video gives us an implied message that anyone can do what they want to if they put their hearts to it.. This music video is very inspiring and it helps eliminate insecurities.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Coin

There are two sides of a story.. Similar to a coin.. when you flip a coin, you can never be too sure as to which side will face the ground. You will always have to take a bet and gamble. 

Women are often stereotyped by the public. The public views on women are not very pleasant. Women are doormats for most men. They are considered sex objects. The way the media portrays women too is very derogatory. Music videos  send a message to viewers that women would literally throw themselves to men. Not only that when a woman sleeps around she is called a slut but when a man sleeps around he is called a stud. next we can see from the way the society is, in the olden days people would bury a female baby alive because a female baby is considered burdensome.The family would kill the baby just to avoid from paying the dowry and in some cases they kill the baby to avoid embarrassment because they are afraid that the baby would follow in the mothers footsteps and become sex slaves. Taking away the baby's life is in no way proportionate. An unmarried woman would also be considered alien by the society. Its is almost like women "have" to get married.

Clare Boothe Luce once quoted " Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed.  If I fail, no one will say, "She doesn't have what it takes."  They will say, "WOMEN don't have what it takes."  

Why are women  treated unequally?This side of the coin is seldom considered by people. My theory is that men love the feeling of being in control and letting women take over men's position would only crush their ego.This is especially when a man is an ALPHA MALE. And sometimes i can help but blame women themselves for putting on a cheap image in public.. Somehow i believe that the old saying ' money is the root of all evil ' is true,women would take short cuts and lower their reputation to get the cash flowing and to live luxuriously. Their ultimate goal is to get rich and any form of struggle or hard earned cash would not be considered as a method to reach their goal. In simple words ' they are just looking for an easy way.

But what is more important to women if it is not their reputation. Enough with the society or public degrading them, the last thing a woman should do is to degrade herself. Women should stand up for their rights. Women should be treated equally with fair share of say in public and same opportunities. Women should stand up for their rights. Violence should not be done unto women. Women should stand firm and hold on to their principles. It is time for women to compete alongside men in any field they want to, without being discriminated.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mahatma Ghandi once quoted "an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind"
While we are sleeping like babies at night.. some war victims in other parts of the world are crying. We can't hear them.. but they are indeed seeking for help. What sins have they done? What harms have they caused? Who have they killed? the answer is NONE... and we should now ask ourselves do they deserve to be treated this way? what position are we in to take away one's life?
Tortured, they are. Suffering is never ending... some victims are fully impaired, that they wish they were dead. Are they not to be treated equally? No one should be above anyone... 
The ignorant us.. will never be contented with what we have, but if we were to really look at these victims our pain is far less. Upon writing this, guilt crept in.. i have complained about so many things in life.. petty little things..waste of time discussing. I put myself in their shoes and i still cant imagine myself having to go through life the way they do. And the voice inside my head tells me that if these people were to get a small portion of my life or what i have.. they would be extremely grateful..

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The idea of starting a blog has been playing in my mind for a week now, so yeah here i am(; i have been writing poems but thats that i guess? well for starters, I have been asking myself a question, if i were to start a blog.. what should i write about? then i realized that i don't need a specific topic.. i can write on anything random..

so they say pictures are worth a thousand words, unfortunately i don't own a camera. so ill just write or speak my mind here.
I was inspired to write after this ever eccentric but cool guy( he looks somewhat like wolverine with a mixture of sherlock holmes) gave a speech in a conference on the importance of us writing as when we write we challenge ourselves to think deeper.. and he also added that we should do something that we would normally say no to.. my sister started her blog ages ago and she did in the past, bugged me on starting my own... but i never did... i guessed it took me to really be inspired to want to write.